Volunteering with us

Read what Maria says about volunteering with RfA

I started when I came from my country. I had never worked with individuals, with special needs before. I did a course to learn and familiarise myself with the realities of the conditions. I became aware of the support available from the government and several other organisations and charities like Resources for Autism.

I wanted to be hands on, and so I decided to volunteer with RFA. After my initial interactions and interviews with the wonderful team I have been supported all along, with continuous training. It is a wonderful feeling to work with an individual, and see interaction, happiness and change!

When someone looks forward to your next visit, it is a win- win, situation!

For me volunteering, has been a wonderful opportunity to realise my own hidden potential, meet new people and do exciting work. The clubs are fun and bustling with activity. Individual support, gives an insight, into how, so many things that we take for granted, may not be so easy after all.

And last but not the least, its a big bonus on my C.V.

So go ahead volunteer and see the change you can make!

Volunteers are a crucial part of Resources for Autism, and make a huge contribution to Reach Out and other areas of our work. Volunteering for us is fun and rewarding but is hard work.

We support people of different ages, races and genders with autism and with our volunteers engage with families so they can have a short term break.

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life, nationalities and ages (18+), but with one thing in common, the desire to help families who have a child, teenager or adult with autism.