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We offer specialist groups for people with a diagnosis of autism aged 19 and upward wherever they are on the spectrum.

One to one support is available and all staff are autism trained.

Support can be given to enable the transition from home to groups through home visits, social stories, visual supports in fact anything that might help.

We do not provide transport to and from groups but will help negotiate with local social services for help with this where appropriate.

Groups may be art, sport or sensory based and run week day times and in the evenings in various venues throughout London and Birmingham.

They are age and ability specific and once your referral is received you will be contacted to assess which group is most appropriate.

There is likely to be a waiting list for groups.

There is a small charge which is means tested and no one is turned away for financial reasons.

If you would like a place please fill in the referral form. Reach Out Home Support/Befriending is also available for adult users.

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Autism Community Volunteering

Autism Community Volunteering is a Resources for Autism project for adults who can travel independently and wish to work in voluntary placements that will benefit both themselves and the autism community.

Some individuals may not be able to obtain paid employment due to a mental health condition or anxiety – the Autism Community Volunteering Service offers you the opportunity to do something that is exciting, fulfilling and a great experience, without the added pressure that paid work can bring.

We already have a number of volunteers placed and this service ensures that we can offer volunteering opportunities to others individuals with autism.

We are aiming to place individuals in Volunteering positions with:

  • Families with a child or an isolated adult diagnosed with autism (to provide support).
  • Organisations that provide support to children/adults with autism in an administrative office based role.
  • Groups offering support to others with an autism.
  • Organisations that provide support to the local community (not specifically autism focused/specific) e.g. a soup kitchen/drop in centre. Etc.
  • Businesses and commercial organisations.

For more information or to talk to someone contact: mercy@resourcesforautism.org.uk

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