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Here we would like to share with you some moments that parents and service users have shared with us, as well as our Evaluation and Impact Report. We’re thankful for all the feedback that we get and are always striving to become more efficient at what we do.

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Words of Thanks

Play Leader

London Play Group

Resources for Autism at Newham has been a lifeline for many families. Our amazing playworkers strive to ensure that every Service User is able to access varied engaging activities and learning experiences. At Newham we actively promote community participation and independence with a primary goal for inclusion and integration for all our amazing Service Users.
Parent Feedback

(From a parent of a Summer Scheme, Community Support and Women's Group attendee)

Your support has been so effective in so many ways. In fact, it has been a lifeline and I would always like her to stay connected. D has enjoyed last year's summer scheme (hopefully she can join or volunteer to help out next summer); the one-to one support that she had for a season helped developed more confidence in being out in the community.

D is still finding the one-one voluntary befriending scheme so helpful. The person who she has is in contact is excellent and helped to inspire her with her university aspirations. I am pleased to say that D will be starting local university this term.

Thank you to you and your team again!

Young Barnet Foundation


I can't imagine Barnet without Resources for Autism. They share their model of good practice with all our members.
Local Authority Commissioner

Upon Evaluation of our Services

“The service `{`RfA delivered`}` was up and running very quickly and went from strength to strength. They have a service level agreement with clear outcomes and they have exceeded all the planned outcomes and they have more than achieved those outcomes and done so much more. They are an amazing service. I have never
come across an organisation that is anywhere near as good as this.”

Voices from our staff

Voices from our Community

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